Why Do We Love Baby Clothes?

When my daughters started having babies, they asked me, "Mom, tell us about us when we were little!". I remembered seed pearls sewn on Christening gowns, horse themed dresses for a horse-loving four year old, a years long obsession with polka-dots, checks, and stripes.  It seemed I could remember more about what they wore, than about what they said or did! It was disconcerting!  What did this say about me, my values, my memory?  Visions of Bad Mom ran through my head!  I reflected.
My grandmother was a skilled seamstress.  Beginning out of necessity, but continuing long after my grandfather became successful, she made all of the family's clothes, even my mom's wedding dress!  As children, we made Barbie clothes with scraps gleaned from her sewing basket.  In our family making clothing has been used to communicate love for one another and to express our own artistic individuality. 
Whether hand-made, hand-me-down, shared, gifted, or shopped for, clothing has always had the power to create memories.  I encourage you to think back about your own special memories involving clothing!  

When our first grandchild was born, hearts bursting with love, we wanted to make beautiful, memorable clothing for her.  We created Mandala Baby.  Now we have four beautiful grandbabies.  We create for them and we are grateful to be able to create for you!