#Bad Mama

When my daughters started having babies, they asked me, "Mom, tell us about us when we were little!".  It seemed I could remember more about what they wore, than about them!  It was disconcerting!  What did this say about me, my values, my memory!?  Visions of BAD MOM went through my mind!
I reflected.  How did clothing become so darn important and memorable? 
As I looked back, I realized that clothing has been associated with wonderful memories.  My grandmother was a skilled seamstress.  She made my mother's wedding dress & my father's suits.  As children, we all made Barbie clothes with scraps gleaned from her sewing closet.  She crocheted the sweater set we used to bring her first great grandchild home from the hospital.  It was also a special event to go downtown dress shopping with my mom at the big department store.  I  continued to make clothing memories with my daughters.  In our family clothing has been used to communicate tradition, love for one another, and to express our own artistic individuality. 
Whether hand-made, hand-me-down, shared, gifted, or shopped for, clothing has always had the power to create memories.  I encourage you to think back about your own special memories involving clothing!  

When we became grandparents, hearts full of love and obsessed with all things baby, we created Mandala Baby.  I've decided that labors of love make the best memories!